Friday, September 14, 2007

Un-complicating Community College Transfer

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Personally, I support 4 year institutions' rights in evaluate their incoming students. At the same time, I will also support quality check of the graduates of 4 year colleges.

Society consists of a lot of member/components. Each member need to do their parts and be responsible and proud of it. The idea of governance is to establish environments that promote these virtual. The attempt to forcefully manipulate or mandate operation of these components will result into what communist had successes of doing.

In this particular case, a big question is how will we be able to hold universities accountable? To be fair, the measure will have to tied to the quality of their incoming students. The side effects, of cause, is that universities will have to spend other efforts to bring under qualified students to higher level because it's simply not efficient to have ranked faculties in teaching these under qualified students. Beside this may lower the achievement feeling of the faculties and results in not proud of what they do. By the way, do we open a door for community colleges to ignore their duties in producing high quality graduates? The related question, of cause, is that if we are going to check the quality of community college, shouldn't we check the quality of university too?

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I agree with Jermiah and Robert - not all community colleges are equal and not even all instructors are equal. I were teaching the exiting classes at community colleges and my students entering my classes with A and Bs are common. But. I really can't say they are close to the level I expected for 4 year college students. Even though I have higher standards, I went along and give my top group(usually one or two students) A - I can't give no A - can I??

Robert, I wonder if you will support the view that students should be tested before credits can be transfered? - in your field.

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