Thursday, October 25, 2007

Well, if They’re Already Using It

Original Article - How institutions should treat FaceBook, GMail brought in by students.

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Patent Reform and University Research

Original Article - Patent derived from Federal Fund should return royalties to federal.

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Science and the University

Original Article

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Wednesday, October 24, 2007

DREAM Act Vote on Tap

Original Article - need read more carefully.
'Dream Act' Fails - The Chronicle of Higher Education

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Race-Based Aid, After a Statewide Ban

Original Article

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I think this is move in the right direction. Public institution does have it duties.

As to the comment of Dave Stone, the argument of the relatively privileged students know how the system work and, hence, benefit from the association is not a good one. In general, as long as organizations made information public, it is up to the individual to seek those information. We can't afford to lift personal duties this way. I understand that there are organizations that take steps to go to that level of help. But we have to understand that those are exceptions. People have to take up their responsibilities, you can't always count on people to bring information to you.

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Female Faculty and the Sciences

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Well. We need think carefully here. Just like in the case of race, a simple request for population proportion is not the answer. The main point is stress the open mind and based things on objective measures.

We all understand that it take time for these things to happen. And it is always hard for minority to shine.

Some of the proposal in the comments aren't quite equal. It is definitely true that traditionally women spend more time in taking care of kids. But that no longer have to be the case. A powerful women should take care of their home by asking the share of duties. They should not request a policy to setup for them.

Friday, October 19, 2007

India's Call-Center Jobs Go Begging

Original Article - Well. We just need to be prepared.

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I said this before. But I will say it again. India will not stay in the low salary league, they will demand more with their skills. The globalization is on their favor. We have to gear up otherwise we will fall.

Check my article about this issue here.

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Sweetening the Deal

Original Article - OK. The comments went wild.

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Anyway. I think computer evaluation is good and the idea of giving all students the same treat from school is also good for now. But the basic problem is, of cause, that the society is no longer value the sincereness. Adults not value the thing sincerely and students were not be taught to be sincere. But even with all these, students talks about professors can be used as administrative tools. Just give students place to talk and monitor them. Of cause, administrators should dis-count those talks about cookie receiving.

By the way, I definitely support evaluate students learning.

The Benefits of Dual Enrollment

Original Article - Non-Official body for accredited Concurrent Enrollment implementation - I still need to check this out.

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One thought: Should we raise the bar for high school diploma? For one, since some scholars are so interested in general education. Why don't we just add these to high school? Especially, if they are deemed so important for today's society - just make it mandatory! Or extend the K12 to K13. I am sure professors' will be more than happy to teach higher level courses than those introductory courses.

Thursday, October 04, 2007

On YouTube, No Enrollment Caps

Original Article - UC Berkeley put lectures on YouTube

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My 2003 view of role change of instructors

==== My comments on
I admire all these open course movements. The implication of these are many.

For instructors, this could mean the role change. If lectures are online, is there any reason for students to show up in class? Of cause, there is. For example, to ask questions. But what if instructors are reachable online? Or what if an institution adopts UC Berkeley's lecture?

We have to realized that, there are a lot of kids that are self-motivated and will learn a lot of material by themselves and there really no good reason to keep them in class all the time. Then, of cause, that they will have questions and would like to have a chat with knowledgeable professionals and this is where instructors can find their new roles.

For employers, since all these material are online and there will be individuals that is capable and is learning those materials. Degree will no longer the sole judgment of a person's capability. Employers should find better ways in gauging their applicants. This is where the hiring consulting companies will play a role. Of cause, hiring consulting companies better know how to measure a person's capability.

Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Cut half of college courses: Daley

Original Article - Concerning High Cost of Higher Ed.

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==== My comments on
Higher Ed had been promoted as the way to make more income. People believe in it and that is their goal.

But, the current higher ed system is not built to meet that goal (Community college are close, but traditional 4 year are not) and this is why there are costs that are not directly associated with that goal and there are probably courses that are not definitely needed to achieve that goal.

Personally, I believe competition is the way to bring the price close to the costs. It is true that technology could cost money. But on the other hand, it also save money in reducing labor need. There is really no sense in trying to pin point a source of the rising cost. All we can ask for is the effective costs that will help students reach their goal.

The free market model is a good one to learn from. By setting objective standard on the product and set corporation free to compete.

Well. The right thing to do is to level the playing field by setting the right accreditation structure based on student achievement.