Friday, September 14, 2007

Facelifts for the Facebook Generation

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If you have tracked comments at the site, you can see what a different view between some professors/instructors and administrators.

As I repeatedly talked about providing discussion spaces to students in campuses and the importance of open up to students. The thing that I didn't foreseen is that the admission/recruiting is actually the department that makes these things happen.

Now. As my comments on the article says, changes are coming, institutions should look ahead and prepare for it.

My comments on the article: =================

I wonder if institutions realize that this is like democracy — there is no going back.

These changes will inevitably lead to rate professors, classes ... etc. Changes will eventually changes instructors role in institutions. Taped lectures will change instructors role to consulting and tutoring. Of cause, graduate school may sustained a bit longer. But the undergraduates will be impacted first.

I see these changes as positive. But institutions could do more and prepared ahead for what will come next.

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