Tuesday, October 31, 2006

‘In Pursuit of Knowledge’

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The interview confirms my view of the prestige status of traditional institution and the need of objective measurement of student outcome and toward the commericial practice!

Monday, October 30, 2006

UC talks of wider entrance policy NON-ACADEMIC SUCCESS WEIGHED

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Providing education to greater population is never a bad thing. However, we need be practicle in that resources are limited, the goal is to advance the human race with reasonable resources. The term Advance the human race should include working ethic and not just the knowledge. We can invest all the resources we have in education without any restriction, but will that advance the human race? We may end up with everyone are equally poor - the practice of communist.

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

New Salvos on Affirmative Action

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- Here we go again. No one ever think about what given equal chances mean. A policy of equal is so important in a society to establish a responsible society. Without properly defined equal, people are confused and easily extend the definition to where their heart went. Human are made of soft heart, the spirit of sharing and, therefore, constantly, extended the definition without asking logical questions. This happens to the US immigration policy too. People welcome the immigrants when they are touched by the moving stories of how immigrants fight for their life without thinking carefully what that law changes mean. We only to discover our mistakes when things are getting out of hand.

Check Tommy's comment - Genetic race data isn't what should be used in study discrimination! The look and culture is!!

Check Jonathan Cohen, Raymond, Michael Class' comment

Thursday, October 05, 2006

Higher Education Policy - Assessment

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Working on ...
1) UT system self evaluation
- No subject specific evaluation!
2) UI wage match
- May limited/restricked by local econome. Cause institution to focus on current need and not forward thinking/looking!

For traditional institution, since they claim that for-profit are not in the peer, they should not against assessment of their students against for-profit. For for-profit, to show that they are not diploma mill, they should accept the challange!

This is a very difficult task. The only chance this can happen is that the result are used and are cared by some one. The question is how to achieve that. In computer fields, there are tests that are arround for a while and there are companies that require those test from applicants. However, these test doesn't seem to be very successful. Let along other fields.

Personally, I have seen and experiences application demonstrations. To me it seems very popular. But most of those are in-house exam. I suppose,
1) Employer don't think there are good services that fit their need out there.
2) Employer think it's an over-kill to use these services.
3) They don't suffer enough with the wrong hire.

3rd party test!!

How to do a grass-root assessment efforts:
1) Set up a web site advocate consumer protection.
2) Solicit student to take anonymous test.
3) Need collect information on course taken history
4) Compare scores accross institutions.
5) Without authentication, we can't provide certificate - how to authenticate??
6) If we can gather enough data, we can use the data to rate institution and solicit school to participate.
7) How can government support these efforts? - Grand, RFP ... Authentication - testing center - library - internet photo

Testing service for industry - study how ACT and SAT are strated.

What are available: Computer Certificates - how about others?

How do we promote this? - How ACT and SAT do that?

How about those hard to measured skill? Should government help it? How about the lawyer and other professional test?

Cost issues
Government job test?