Tuesday, July 31, 2007

States Work to Plug 'Brain Drain'

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Seems to me Pennsylvania's plan worked.

Colleges raise the price for some degrees

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At this point, this seems to simply reflect the reality of the cost. With cooperation providing scholarship to certain fields, it will reflect the reality of cooperations' need. Of cause, cooperations would asking for quality and this is where the quality will be checked.

These are reality measures and it's about time to bring traditional institutions into reality. In the past, faculties can simply claim the value of a degree without any reality check. With all these going on, the reality check will settle in.

Friday, July 27, 2007

College Science Success Linked To Math And Same-Subject Preparation

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There shouldn't be surprise here. However, all of these does not reduce the importance of physics and chemistry.
There shouldn't be surprise here. In order to explain chemical reactions through physics, it will take a high level physic knowledge which most introductory physics courses will not cover. The same is true in trying to explain biological effect through chemistry.

The role of the math has two fold: the quantitative skill and the logical training, which is the base in deriving today's scientific conclusion.

However, all of these does not reduce the importance of physics and chemistry. At the higher research level, the knowledge of physics and chemistry become crucial. With the advance of computer, Physics can start to calculate and predict chemical reactions and chemistry can begin to predict biological effects.

From the educational point of view, learning begins with things students familiar with. We do not teach student (math) group theory and expect it to benefit students in biology. The order of these course isn't as import as if students is ready for the material. For physics, even acceleration in mechanics requires algebra or calculus skill. I think this is how the order of the classes should be considered.

Understanding Gaps Among Asian Groups

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People can learn to behave different. These don’t have to be inherited. But parents definitely have big influence on their child.

n general, Chinese, Japanese and Korean share similar culture than others. They also more or less share Buddhist that is originated from India.

Southeast Asian share some culture from China and India.

Beside this, geographic factors also set in.

My take of this is: There are factors that influence people’s behavior and made them different but the race is not the deciding factor. People can learn to behave different. These don’t have to be inherited. But parents definitely have big influence on their child.

A Senate Bill (S. 1642) Introduced and Passed

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chart describing the major accreditation-related provisions of S. 1642

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The Senate bill is so conservative, American can expect no answer to their far cry of accountability and lower higher education cost. All the debates about college rating and the quality of student achievement are rest in the dust. The baring of Secretary essentially take the executive branch out of the equation and this means 5 more years before anything can be done. SAD indeed.

Friday, July 06, 2007

New Standard for Getting In

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Well. I hope this is not The standard. For one, we have to realize that not all people are out-going or team-player. I am not so sure people like Einstein, Schroedinger or some of my professor at school will get good recommendations. I don't know if play-nice a major factor in graduate school. Or maybe it more important to look at their subject matter.

It seems to me that in these days, the team player is emphasized in all job area. However, given that the research is a hard work and, a lot of time, a lonely work. This kind of rating may not come as easy and relative to the graduate work.

People are talking about diversity, shouldn't this include personality? Wouldn't this index biased to certain personality? I suppose not all genius are lonely but I would certainly think some of them are. Should we deprive their chances of contribute to human science journal? I don't think so.

Debate Under Duress in California

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Well. People seem to have trouble understand the root of the problem. With no standard to start with, there is no way people is going to agree on the standard.

If WASC accredited schools can't show how well they hold their standard, how will you be able to judging the quality of the private? The Stanford's objection is odd, I can only think this is just self-protectionism. It wanted to be treated the same just like any other WASC institutions. Un-fortunately, without objective standard, even WASC accredited school are not and should not be treated equal.

If people can agree that the single standard needed is the outcome of students' learning, the whole issue will reduced to one issue, even though that issue is still a big issue.

Tuesday, July 03, 2007

GPA Oriented University Admission Just Won’t Revitalize Public Education

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We have to understand that the social influence of parent and school teacher is inevitable. With teach holding a decisive factor on students' grade, flaw is inevitable too. Don't think this will happen in US? Think again!

So. Does objective tests or this kind of influence provide more social justice in terms of social economic status? Do you really believe teachers can hold against all the temptation? How much resource do we need to spend in monitoring the moral status of all the teachers?