Friday, September 14, 2007

Policies Concerning Undocumented Students

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Personally, I see this as opportunities for states and United States.

I can see there are opportunities for states to advance their state in term of the state's interests. This vacuum of federal law is a vacuum for good. For states that are really hungry for human resources, these are the potential resources if they invested right.

Contrary to common believes, I believe there are characters about immigrants that have value to our society. For one, these are likely kids of poor and hardworking families. As a general human behavior, these kids appreciate more about what they got and understand the requirement to survive and, therefore, the important to success.

Nurturing these kids, not only provide a generation of workforce, it influence the value of the society for generation to come. State is a small enough unit that is easier to come to concession between fellow citizen. A visionary governor have the opportunities to persuade the state to take the opportunity and pass laws that is required to foster the growth of the state.

The lesson learned will eventually better shaped the congressional debate on immigrant issues.

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