Friday, September 14, 2007

A Sleeper Amnesty: Time to Wake Up from the DREAM Act

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I appreciate the insight of the article about the DREAM act.

I, however, can't agree with the blind rejection of amnesty. In my view, as of today, the debate about immigration policy in America haven't taken the overall interests of United State into consideration. A strong country is based on their people and people's vision and attitude.

The world have changed, the protectionism is not going to take you very far. US can keep paying more for their people for the same work that others get paid for less. But this will only made our worker over estimate their value, blind to the reality and fail to recognize the importance of self improvement.

Immigrants of the past and today both bring in the freshness of attitude and hardship. The value of our people is not the heritage but their vision and attitude toward life.

If we just look honestly into immigrants of today, you will still find those courages and loves that marked the immigrants of the past. The take the hardships in searching of better life. They do everything to ensure their kids have better life. For these immigrants, I don't see any living citizen of United States can blindly denies their desires to be an honorable citizen and I don't see how granting citizenship to these immigrants could hurt the interests of United States.

I am sure that even if we set a higher but not un-realistic standard for these immigrants then our fellow citizen, a lot of them will meet those standards. So what else you are asking for? Aren't we a proud country of equality?

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