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US College Graduation Rates by State for 2009-10 graduates

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The CL Higher Education Center just released the compiled state by state college graduation rate data for 2009-10 college graduates. The compiled rates includes state rates for different types/sectors of institutions breaking down by race and gender. Graduation rates for non-resident alien are also included.

The released data is based on the 2010 Graduation Rate survey conducted by the IPEDS (Integrated Postsecondary Education Data System) division of the National Center for Education
Statistics (NCES) of the US Department of Education. For the IPEDS graduation rate survey, IPEDS only collect the race, gender and non-resident alien status from schools that offer degrees that take two or more years to complete. For schools that offers degrees with less than two years to complete, only the total head counts are collected. Short discussion on the scope and limitation of the IPEDS graduation rate survey can also be found in my previous article : College Graduation Rates by State for 2008-09 graduates.

For 2010, the overall college graduation rate for US citizen is 49% for the continental US states and D.C. assuming that all students attending less-than-2-years schools are all US citizen. For degree-granting schools, the US continental graduation rate is 46%. The corresponding rate for non-degree granting schools is 67%. For the 2010 survey, about 12% students accounted for attended non-degree-granting schools and most (74%) of the students attending non-degree-granting schools attending less-than-2-years institutions.

In terms of gender profiles, which is only applicable to colleges offer at least 2 year degrees, women posted an overall graduation rate of 48% for degree-granting schools while men posted a rate of 43%. In comparison, the non-resident alien women posted a rate of 51% while the alien men posted a rate of 48%. For non-degree-granting schools, US women posted a rate of 68% while men posted a rate of 64%. There are very few (a total of 264) non-resident alien enrolled in US non-degree-granting schools with an average rate of 63% (64% for women and 63% for men).

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