Friday, April 18, 2008

The Arrival of ‘Merit-Blind Admissions’

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For private institution, I have not much to say. For public institution, we need to have a good debate on what the public really want before we jump into conclusions.

For me, since the public resources is limited, we need spend public's money wisely so that it benefits the society, not the student, the most. So the question becomes how do we know which student will benefit the society and by how much and how can we setup policies that will help us address the problem. The benefit should include preceived social values like promote work ethic and others.

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Are people barking on the wrong tree? We should try to solve the problem the right way!

======= My comment on InsideHigherEd
Well. Couple things. For one, these are adults we are talking about. Second, there's more than one way to learn even though the mileage may vary.

I have no rejection on those that saying this is a lesson in civility. But, if that is so, please say so. Otherwise, I think we should accept the fact that there's more than one way to learn and our goal is to advance students' knowledge as much as possible. Of cause, the advance should be evaluated as objectively as possible.

Personally, I know that professors have a lot to offer. The question is if they have spent time thinking about it. For the minimum, they should realize that there is no need for them to repeat what the textbook is saying and should concentrate on explaining points that students have trouble with. Those points could be a very good evaluation material.