Friday, January 19, 2007

Toward Integrative Learning

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There is a distiction between the hard-cored inter-field training and that of team work training. The team work training should be consided as K12 courses, while the research courses are not.

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Inter-fields training is interesting and which is important and intrigering and can inspire ideas. This is like the afternoon tea parties. However, I always cauctious about team-work. A team work is good only if members are good. A team-work concept have been over-emphasised in US education and society to a point. At school, teacher are likely to assign teams without talk about what make a good team. Students are likely to be in a team based on friendships. Kids don't understand the concept that friendship don't have to be suffered just becaused they are not doing things togather. Some don't understand or care about the importance of the out come.

A team is work if people respect what they don't know. People exchange and query each other. Logical and open mind is needed. These training should be considered K12 training.

However, the teaching of repecting each other should be considered entrance level courses. This should not be confused with the hard-cored inter-field research courses.

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