Friday, January 12, 2007

Rising costs make climb to higher education steeper

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This is a big problem and not many people have solutions.

For inistitution to continue raising the price, there must be enough demand for it. This demand are generated by the reality and the desire of parents in sending their kids to college. The reality is that: "College degree are minimum requirement for entry level job". Part of this reality is caused by the low quality of our K12 system. Suppose, we can improve the quality of our K12 system, it is very possible, the high school graduate can handle entry level jobs. If we can solve this, we have solve half the problem. But, of cause, you are going to questioning that isn't this will produce more qualified students for college and pushing the cost even higher? Indeed, it does produce more qualified students for college. But. As a country, we will only benifit from this.

The second part of the problem call for a different approach. We have to understand that, in the past, only

Let's think about this from several points of view.

1. Why can colleges continue to increase the price and without worrying about low enrollment? Isn't this what you expected if you raise the price out of propotion in the market?
The possible answer to this is that 1) the demand is so high, there simply not enough colleges to go around. 2) All institutions are raising prices and there are simply no choices.

In general, community college is the most affordable and, in recent years, we see students choose to start their college education from community college because of it's affordability. However, in general, we do see the increasing demand on bachalor degree which.

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