Wednesday, January 17, 2007

on The Report from Commission on the Future of Higher Education - working on

Another Front on Accreditation - Propose change in federal rules (2007/01/17)
Changing the Report, After the Vote
Regulatory Activism? - Inside Higher Ed
Carrying Out the Commission’s Ideas - Inside Higher Ed
Final draft -
Statement by American Council on Education President David Ward - ACE statement (2006/08/10)

  • A short statement that given credit to the commission. An important movement to force the commision to continue improving problems in the report.
AAC&U Statement on Spellings Commission Draft Report - AACU comments (2006/08/10)
  1. There are good points but sound self-serving from time to time.
  2. The draft does seems to under state the importance of faculty and the efforts that's going on.
  3. The draft may, like AACU stated, lower the importance of researches in institutions. On the other hand, research may be not in higher ed customer's mind! The report put more pressure on customer need - which explain why for-profit institution are on the rise! Institutions simply need recognize the customer need. Institutions can still have their agenda, but derive resources from different form. Institution will also need to find customers of their agenda - say, companies heavy on researches like IBM, Microsoft etc.
18 Yesses, 1 Major No - Insided Higher Ed (2006/08/11)
  1. The article is well written. It shows a lot of inside actions of commisioners and it shows commisioners' true intension. With the tone of chairman Miller, I believe the intetion of the commision are well funded.
  2. See the comment of Sheldon
Whodunit? Chairman Miller, That’s Who - Inside Higher Ed (2006/08/09)
- See comments by The Masked Poster
The Making of a Majority - Inside Higher Ed (2006/08/07)
A Near-Final Report? - Inside Higher Ed (2006/08/04)
Beyond Playing Defense
- Higher Ed. associations begin to embrasss the issues
Pell Proposal’s Price and Politics
The Spellings Plan
The Sounds of Conciliation
Will Anyone Listen?
Charles Miller Unshackled

Summary goes here!
A strange way to come up with report:
- list controvasial agenda
- stimulate discussion
- finalize it

Is this a good or bad way to proceed?

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