Monday, January 08, 2007

on No Child Left Behind

How Bush education law has changed our schools
Bush left too many good education ideas behind
Report card mixed on education law

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It is un-questionable that the law definitly changed the US K12 education. It brought needed attention to the topic and make it a hot debate item and that is great!

It is all agreed that test scores have gone up. People can question that if the test score measuring the real learning, but there is no doubt that given the goal, the law does effectively moving the education toward that goal. So, in theory, by refining the goal, the law will, in general, move US K12 education toward that better goal.

It is true that if we focus in certain goals, some other thing will be lost. But we also have to realize that that is the norm since everyone has only 24 hours a day. We simply have to make sure the goal we set is appropriate in that it is definitly the needed basic. I am not saying that poetry is not good, but that definitly is not a surviving need.

The law had put a lot of pressure on schools and teachers which isn't a really bad thing. At least it reminded schools of their responsibilities. However, we do need realize that, parents and students should do their parts too. A big question is to establish the right balances between that duty of parents/students and that of the schools.

Seeking the right balances is very important as we all know the learning did not stop at school. The NCLB may be able to force the high scores, but it has no guaranty of suitable contribution to the society. To really produce a responsible citizen of the future, we need make responsibility training the main part of the education. This can only be achieved by making sure parents and students taking up their responsibilities right from the begining.

Schools and teachers are responsible to provide needed help to students/parents, but students and parents are responsible in making progresses. A pure state funded tutoring is a bad idea. A state compensated tutoring is a better idea. Parents/students have to be made to evaluate the situation and decided on if they can achive the progress with minimum cost. People have to understand that charity is due only if they do their part.

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