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Doctor's degree by field of study, race, foreign, and gender

The field of choice for US doctor awardees are similar regard less of race. Non-resident alien accounted for almost 30% of the supply for higher education instructors!

Observing of doctoral degree conferred in the United States provided us a unique look into the US higher education system. It provided implications for our future higher education system. For one, the doctors are the main source of future college instructors, and secondly, they are future leaders of our higher education institutions. They are also the main research talent that will continue to move the country forward. Lawyers also play important roles in the social justice of our society, especially in protecting minorities' legal rights.

The CL education center has just released a set of data processing reports based on the IPEDS (Integrated Postsecondary Education Data System) 2011-12 completer survey - the analysis can be found under the section: United State's Doctor Production.

IPEDS survey classifies Doctors into 3 groups: The Research Doctors, the Professional Practice Doctors, and the Other Doctors. For non-legal, and non-medical field, the research doctors are the main source for college instructors. The professional practice doctors are mainly the lawyers, and the medical doctors, but also includes doctors that are mainly prepared for specialized career practices like ...

Total Doctor Degrees Awarded by Field of Study (CIP)

Figure 1, Doctors' field of study for each race (click to view the whole chart)
The major field/CIP of interested are list in Table 1 below.

Table 1, major field of interest for each race (multiple and unknown race not displayed)
11Computer and Info. Sci.0.3%0.8%0.4%0.2%0.5%4.2%
22Legal Prof. and Studies37.5%21.2%29.1%38.8%30.5%5.7%
26Bio and Biomedical Sci.3.1%4.1%2.6%3.7%4.0%11.2%
40Physical Sciences1.3%1.5%0.9%1.5%2.4%11.3%
45Social Science1.1%1.0%1.3%1.5%1.7%5.9%
51Health Professions related36.3%58.7%32.3%33.3%39.4%10.1%

Figure 1 and Table 1 revealed that, for US citizen, almost all races are favoring Legal, and Health Professions roughly equally, except Asian Pacific Islander are skewed more toward Health Professions. Beside the point made above, in general, all races exhibit similar field-of-study pattern. The major disparities in the chart come from the non-residence alien, where the dominated field is the engineering. Their domination on physical science and biology is also noticeable.

Total Doctor Degrees Awarded by Race
Table 2, total doctor degree awarded by race

Total Research Doctors Awarded by Race
Table 3, total research doctors awarded by race

The research doctor degree, which mainly removed the lawyers and medical doctors from the total doctor count, awarded to non-residence alien comprise a whooping 27% of all the research doctor degree awarded. Research doctors are the major supply of teachers for our higher education system.

Table 4, research doctors awarded by fields(CIP) and by race
1Agriculture and Operation0.7%2.5%1.3%4.1%34.5%52.0%4.5%0.4%
3Nature Resource and Conservation0.4%3.4%2.5%3.4%56.7%27.4%5.6%0.5%
5Area, Ethnic, Cultural, Gender Studies2.2%8.6%11.9%5.0%44.2%16.9%10.4%0.7%
9Communication, Journalism0.7%2.6%5.7%2.1%56.3%25.3%6.9%0.3%
10Communication Technologies0.0%0.0%0.0%0.0%0.0%100.0%0.0%0.0%
11Computer and Info Sci.0.2%8.3%2.0%1.2%33.0%50.4%4.7%0.2%
12Personal and Culinary Services

15Engineering Technologies0.0%5.5%1.8%1.8%49.1%34.5%7.3%0.0%
16Foreign Languages, Literatures0.1%3.6%1.7%6.6%47.0%32.4%8.4%0.3%
19Family, Consumer Sci.0.3%3.4%9.1%2.2%57.2%25.3%2.2%0.3%
22Legal Prof. and studies0.0%1.6%0.5%2.1%11.0%77.0%7.9%0.0%
23English, Literature0.4%3.4%4.0%3.8%70.8%8.5%7.9%1.1%
24Liberal Arts, Sci. General Studies0.0%4.5%3.4%1.1%56.8%12.5%20.5%1.1%
25Library Sci.0.0%2.0%2.0%2.0%48.0%42.0%4.0%0.0%
26Bio. Biomedical Sci.0.3%8.2%3.3%4.3%49.8%27.2%6.3%0.6%
27Math. And Statistics0.3%5.7%1.4%1.8%39.4%46.5%4.7%0.1%
28Military Sci. Leadership

29Military Tech.0.0%0.0%0.0%0.0%83.3%16.7%0.0%0.0%
30Interdisciplinary Studies0.5%5.3%10.0%4.8%52.3%20.2%5.6%1.4%
31Recreation, Leisure Studies0.4%1.2%7.0%2.1%62.8%24.8%1.2%0.4%
32Basic, Remedial Education

33Citizenship Activities

34Health Knowledge and Skill

35Social Skills

36Leisure, Recreational Activities


38Philosophy and Religious Studies0.1%2.6%5.4%2.9%62.5%18.1%7.5%1.0%
39Theology, Religious Vocations0.0%4.7%10.8%3.3%61.0%12.6%7.3%0.2%
40Physical Sciences0.2%4.6%1.7%2.6%43.7%40.6%6.2%0.5%
41Science Tech.0.0%33.3%0.0%0.0%66.7%0.0%0.0%0.0%
43Protective Services0.0%3.8%11.5%3.1%63.4%12.2%5.3%0.8%
44Public Administration0.4%4.7%15.1%5.3%47.2%17.0%9.7%0.7%
45Social Science0.3%4.5%3.8%3.9%47.4%32.2%7.2%0.7%
46Construction Trades

47Mechanic, Repair Tech.

48Precision Production

49Materials Transportation

50Performing Arts0.4%6.1%1.9%3.5%57.8%22.1%7.8%0.5%
51Health Professions0.3%5.9%7.7%3.3%60.9%13.3%8.1%0.5%
52Business, Marketing0.4%5.2%12.5%4.4%41.2%26.0%10.2%0.2%
53Secondary Diplomas

60Residency Programs

Figure 4 further breaks down the research doctors by field of study (CIP) and by race. The engineering stand out. 56% of the engineering doctor degrees were awarded to non-resident alien. Other non-resident alien heavy fields include Agriculture(52%),
Architecture(37%), Computer Sci.(50%), Engineering Tech(35%), Foreign Languages(32%), Library Sci.(42%), Math. And Statistics(47%), Physical Sciences(41%), Social Science(32%). All of these fields displayed a non-resident alien rate that is higher than the 27.3%, the average rate held by non-resident alien.

Total Research Doctors Awarded by Gender
Men(51%) and women(49%) held roughly the same share of all the research doctor degrees awarded by US institutions. The lowest fields with women recipients are Military Tech(17%), Theology(19%), Computer(20%), and Engineering(22%).

Professional Practice Doctor Degrees Awarded by Gender
In this category, men(53%) held a slightly larger share in the Legal Profession while women(57%) hold larger share in the Medical Doctor field.

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