Wednesday, August 29, 2007

In Support of the E-Test

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** I understand that higher ed are indeed complicate and not all subjects area are as easy to be measured objectively. However, blindly refused to be measured objectively is simply irresponsible. At least, they should offer to try on certain fields. !

I thought higher ed are too complicated to be measured by multiple choice test. I shall conclude that these must be of limited use. In that case, I wonder how much over all saving is there.

Of cause, that is not my point. Higher Ed had claimed that it is too complicated to be measured across institutions. But if you can use multiple choice to test students, the complexity can't be in the subject itself but in the choice of subject to cover. This also mean, there is no tech problem in testing students knowledge. It's a matter of picking the subject to test.

For accountability of institutions, subjects can be determined by industry judging by the need of the industry. Institutions can teach what ever subject they want at what ever cost. However, the mechanism is there to hold down the price.

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