Wednesday, August 15, 2007

College Science Success Linked To Math And Same-Subject Preparation

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Well. Nothing surprise here. At this point in time, physics, in theory, can calculate all chemical reactions. But it still take a lot of computation. The simple intuitive principle that can be used to predict chemical reaction isn't even part of the core physic study. It belongs to theoretic topic of chemistry. Same thing happens in trying to explain all biological events with chemistry. Emperical rule derived from Biology is still more strait froward then using those from the element properties. There are things that chemistry can help. But at the entry level, chemistry principle is probably not even in the curriculum.

It is not that physics and chemistry is useless but they are simply not the right entry point for those courses.

Math are special in a way that it deal with numbers and quantifying things is the basic of all modern sciences including social science. The other aspect of math that is also at the core of modern sciences is the logical training. All modern sciences based their reasoning and conclusion on logic reasoning. Conclusions or findings are made via logical thoughts while examining facts.

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