Tuesday, June 02, 2015

Methodology: Higher Education-Workforce Pipeline IPEDS CIP SOC crosswalk

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This methodology is much improved over my previous methodology.

In essence, the number of graduates can potentially be hired for a program with CIP code C is:
Potentially_Hired ( C ) = ( G c + ε ) S c O s c [ 1 C S c ( G C S c + ε ) ]
Where G x is the number of graduates for CIP x, O z is the number of job opening for a given SOC z, S x is the SOC S related to a CIP x, C z is the CIP C related to an SOC z, and ε is a very small number, which play important role when G x is zero.

Following are drafts and is to be ignored for Now!
Number of graduates for CIP c:

Number of job open for SOC s:
O s
SOC related to a CIP c:
S c
CIP related to an SOC s:
C s
G S C s
-1 +1
( x 1 - x 2 ) 2 + ( y 1 - y 2 ) 2


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