Thursday, February 14, 2013

On Obama’s Bold Plan to Reshape American Higher Education

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A step finally taken, which I have advocated for a long time.

Jest few points about things the author of the article like to see to be included in Obama's plan.

On 'Nobel Prize winner wants to get in the Physics 101 business' should get more weight:
  • Personally, I don't think a Researcher is necessary a better teacher. They may have their own way of understanding things, it does not necessary mean those understanding are on all levels and that they can transfer those idea effectively especially to students that may have totally different mindsets.
  • If there is going to have an objective measurements of outcome, why do we try to add some un-objective impurity to the formula? This is more like going back to the old system where the established (regional accredited) are carrying more weights.
  • By providing this loophole to encourage high level researcher to teach low level courses, aren't we promoting inefficiency? I am not saying there would have no benefits to the students, but I am saying that this by-law is not needed. If they can provide extra benefits to lower level courses, those benefits should be build into the objective measurement formula and, therefore, it will show if the benefits is there and, would, therefore, render the by law unnecessary.

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