Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Lincoln Public School Grading Policy Change?

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I heard this from my daughter and confirmed by school principle.

LPS is discussing the possible change in the way middle school students are graded. The basic idea is that grades will be based on tests only, the homework and assignment are considered a separate item that evaluates a student's behavior.

An argument I learned from the principle is that people are wondered why should we keep ponding on these students for assignments if they can performed well in tests.

In general, this is a sound argument. But, I have to be causals. At this point in time, in general, grade is all people care and I can see the 'behavior' item been ignored totally. The question: Will this produce a right mind set for our youth?

As we all understand that no all kids are born equal and we also understand that not all people with highest grade accomplished the most. If there come a time that society and these young kids understand these, I will say the approach is OK. But! Are our society understand all these implications? Will colleges look into the value of assignments?

Once thing troubles me is that bright kids will begin to ignore assignments and could be ignorant to the fact that smart isn't every thing. The worst is that they will ignore the importance of working hard and better use of their gifts.

The implementation of this policy could also undermined the importance of work ethic especially for those young mind.

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