Thursday, November 01, 2007

Closing the College Achievement Gap

Original Article - Initiatives taken by couple of institutions.

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It is a good thing that college leaders are thinking about these things. But, as I repeatedly advocated on my articles, I echo the view of the comments of CJProf.

The success of most Asian, not all but most, should really be studied and understand. It should shed lights on certain claims.

In general, I don't like the idea of quotas that based on population proportion.

As I discussed in my articles, the society as whole have to take closer look at what is the real goal and what is the real fair way of doing things.

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As I mentioned a lot in my postings, I agree with CJProf that the root of the problem is the society.

The success of most Asian, most but not all, should shed lights on some of the claims. My father used to say it take generations to prosper. I understand that this is a passive action, but it shows the patience and willingness in invest everything in their children - they have taken all of these as their responsibilities. With kids of my own, I understand how difficult it is to implant the right attitudes in them.

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