Thursday, October 04, 2007

On YouTube, No Enrollment Caps

Original Article - UC Berkeley put lectures on YouTube

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My 2003 view of role change of instructors

==== My comments on
I admire all these open course movements. The implication of these are many.

For instructors, this could mean the role change. If lectures are online, is there any reason for students to show up in class? Of cause, there is. For example, to ask questions. But what if instructors are reachable online? Or what if an institution adopts UC Berkeley's lecture?

We have to realized that, there are a lot of kids that are self-motivated and will learn a lot of material by themselves and there really no good reason to keep them in class all the time. Then, of cause, that they will have questions and would like to have a chat with knowledgeable professionals and this is where instructors can find their new roles.

For employers, since all these material are online and there will be individuals that is capable and is learning those materials. Degree will no longer the sole judgment of a person's capability. Employers should find better ways in gauging their applicants. This is where the hiring consulting companies will play a role. Of cause, hiring consulting companies better know how to measure a person's capability.

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