Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Cut half of college courses: Daley

Original Article - Concerning High Cost of Higher Ed.

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==== My comments on InsideHigherEd.com
Higher Ed had been promoted as the way to make more income. People believe in it and that is their goal.

But, the current higher ed system is not built to meet that goal (Community college are close, but traditional 4 year are not) and this is why there are costs that are not directly associated with that goal and there are probably courses that are not definitely needed to achieve that goal.

Personally, I believe competition is the way to bring the price close to the costs. It is true that technology could cost money. But on the other hand, it also save money in reducing labor need. There is really no sense in trying to pin point a source of the rising cost. All we can ask for is the effective costs that will help students reach their goal.

The free market model is a good one to learn from. By setting objective standard on the product and set corporation free to compete.

Well. The right thing to do is to level the playing field by setting the right accreditation structure based on student achievement.

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