Tuesday, June 26, 2007

What If Higher Ed Funds Don’t Help Economy?

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Of cause there are a lot of factors in economy development. For those that criticize of the report, I wonder if they criticize those presidents when they made that kind of claims?

The report does made it clear that the simple factor of investing money in higher ed will not bring up the local economy. To bring up the local economy, it call for a coordinated efforts and objective analysis like what I pointed out earlier in my 2003 article.

For a state to prosper, it need to evaluate its strength and taking available resource into consideration. At the same time, it need set its eye in the future and asking a lot of ifs. For example, Alaska is rich in crude oil. It maybe fine to rely on the resource for now. But a responsible government should think about the future and try to answer the question what if the resource run out? The plan should, therefore, includes stretegy build up of other industries using its crude oil as the foundation.

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