Friday, June 29, 2007

2 Kinds of Part-Time Students

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The data shows that family support do count - those that like typical full-time students.

This is my thoughts of reading comments from hard working needed students:
In general, I support the idea that capable students should obtained support from society to help them complete their degree in an efficient fashion. On the other hand, these people should provide feedback to the society. The basic idea behind this is that, for the interest of the public, we optimized our investment in capable people. The capable people should also recognized that their success is an effort of society and is to contribute back to the society.

There are, of cause, a lot of thing to think about how this can be achieved. Things like how to define capable and how to make contribution an obligation. How this whole idea fitting in the current culture. A wealthy talent people may not want to be held down by the obligation and prefer to pay the education their way.

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