Wednesday, April 11, 2007

The Power of Privilege

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academic meritocracy, standard test and reality

First of all, I wonder what really mean by academic meritocracy and how we determine that. It seems that one way or the other there have to have a way of measuring it. As we all know that subjective measurements are no better than the objective measurements. I suppose one way of doing that is using the IQ test, which claimed to measure the intelligence. The other option will be to measure abilities of candidates in an objective way.

I highly doubt that, at least today, that the goal of College Board and Education Testing Service is to preserve the social classes. Even though the test may not be perfect, it is aimed to be an objective measurement. Maybe one day it can truly measures abilities of all candidates.

On the other hand, arguments that trying to dis-qualify these tests by quoting coach-able or teaching-to-the-test are not well founded.
To the least, it's not totally coach-able otherwise, all High School teachers would have adopted. This then imply that even with resources, students have to learn to improve their test scores. The question is the about the chances to learn.

In addition to that, higher Ed institutions can influence the test design and foster new competitions and, therefore, forces the improvement to the test.

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