Friday, April 06, 2007

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Well. So much for these. The most important thing in my view is the lack of responsibility of the government, the society, the institutions and the students. However, all of these are inter-related. Government policies that undermine responsibility will create a society that undermine responsibility. A society the undermine responsibilities will create citizens that undermine their responsibilities.

In US, there are a lot of policies that have good intentions but undermine the responsibility. For example, it's very nice to have the a Social Security System in place. This, however, causes people to spend all of their incomes instead of saving for the raining day. In society, good intentions are frequently out-weight the responsibilities. Donations and helping poor are very good intentions. However, we need understand that we should only help the needed to the point of necessary, not to the point of abuse. Donation of food is very good. Donation of new toys for Christmas is, in my view, undermine the responsibilities. I understand that will make those child happy and provide relief to their parents. However, this also lessen their incentives and their sense of responsibility. In school, it's way to frequent a scene that students are asked to raise money for various purpose. The motivation of this may of good intention, however, it does not provide positive lesson for students. We all know that it's easier for students to raised money simply because their appear to the adults donors. However, this is not reality. The real world call for much more efforts to raise money from people. The effort put in is not in proportion of the efforts.

Money is to be earned by working hard and is not to be gained by a person's status or looks.

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