Thursday, February 01, 2007

The Immigrant Factor

Original Article - Immigrant do better?

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Immigrant has been a hot issues in last year's political debate. I think one thing people didn't think about is: What's are the qualities we really want from immigrants. The facial value is that we don't want anyone that do not follow the rules, which isn't totally wrong. However, just how many of us that never break a single rule - let's consider those earlier immigrants of the US.

The courage, the desire to find new life of some of today's immigrant is just the same as that of our earlier immigrants and this article demonstrate that.

To advance the education, in general, in the US, we need reward those efforts rather than punish those.

Personally, I don't, at the slightest, suprised that immigrant could do well in the US. To immigrant to US legally, foreigner will have to pass layers of challenges, let along the will of searching for good life. The will, however, could exist in some of the illegal immigrants too.

I don't see that immigrants are superior in any way. I think a big part of their drive is comming from the worse life they have had which in some way motivated them to work harder.

It's not likely we will put our kids back to those environment. However, a real success in education is be able to educate you kid in this environment.

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