Friday, July 28, 2006

Rallying Behind Open Access

Original Article

Draft. Working some ideas.
  1. Government pay for it and have the right to the result - but in what form? Does it have to be in journist form?
  2. Government can publish what ever they requested as a result.
  3. Researcher write it out and can send to both government and journal. Currently, journal will serve the purpose of review, a gate keeper. What will happen if government simply publish the report without review? This can be good and bad. The good is that people can see the original and it's possible that some articles that fails the journal review do have its values. But. The review is also so important. Without it, public can easily mis-interpret a lot of thing without the proper trainings.
  4. If government is to accept the journal submission as acceptable report, do they need to fund any of the reviewing cost?
  5. Who's paying for the reviews and clarical works?
  6. So. What's the reasonable way of doing this?

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