Tuesday, May 08, 2012

Can Financial Aid Improve Student Success at Louisiana’s Community Colleges?

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An old saying: "Help people who helped themselves."

Financial Aid can help if students were matured enough to realize the value of the extra time they got and put it into study. If not, I don't see how the extra money can improve students' success. It may even distract them from the study to enjoy other things in life.

This is a good demonstration of why building the sense responsibility is the number one task in education. Any attempt to improve the education outcome without promoting students' sense of responsibility is a wrong approach. You can hire personal coaches that following student around to improve his/her education. But does the society have the responsibility to support people this way? Will this ever been sustainable?

The histories of a lot of Federal Aid programs have shown that a lot of people will take advantages of these systems in undesirable ways and a lot of these programs were later re-tweaked or added responsibility strings to it.

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