Friday, January 01, 2010

Immigrant law faces challenge

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Couple of points I would like to express my opinion on. First of all, the label applied to these kids that was brought to the US illegally. Are they guilty? It seems most people are agreed on this. If this is the case, I think the issue is non-existence. Beside that, I like to point out one thing that I always have trouble with - the argument that we should always consider our citizen's benefit first.

In general, I have no trouble supporting the idea that a government is serving their people's interest. The thing that troubles me is the entitlement mindset that is behind it. I would like people to think about what this attitude have brought down our nation in all fields.

Let's think about the entitlement in the automobile industry for a moment. The idea of Union is a genuine one. But the question is if the considered environment do exist. Do we over protect the employee to the point that it became an entitlement? Is this what failed our domestic auto companies?

Policy makers should keep the entitlement in mind when they make policies. Whenever a grant is proposed, they should think about do we promote our citizen's sense of responsibility or do we promote the entitlement?

For the education, I would like to ask most of our parents: Do we really put our money where we think is important (i.e. education)? Have you try to save every penny for the education? Do you consider big HDTV more important than a bare dial-up to the internet?

As for the general immigration debate, it is a different issue.

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