Tuesday, March 18, 2008

National Mathematics Advisory Panel FINAL REPORT

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Just read the key finding section of the report. I have to say there are good ideas against the current practice in US. The sad thing is that it takes a presidential panel to point out some of the obvious.

Here's my opinion about this topic:
1. Emphasis on responsibility - Teacher is to teach, student is to learn. Teacher present the material and demonstrate the application of it, student is to read the material and do the assignment. Students also responsible for asking for clarifications. In my opinion, teaching responsibility is the most important thing in education. Parents are a major part of this. Parents need to take parts in ensuring assignments get done and in setting priorities.
2. Forget about the smart or not smart. This simply give student excuses of not putting in the efforts. Forget about identifying gifted students by IQ test - let's based it on achievement.
3. Set an aggressive curriculum. When I grew up, I was done with arithmetic by grade 6 and had done geometry, trigonometry and all basic algebra by grade 9. These are the standard of 30 years ago. I would like to see my kids learning more than I did when they reach the 9th grade.
4. Forget about the expensive hard covered books. Producing paper covered text books so students can carry them home for studying and reference. This also give parent chances to work with students, or, learn with them.

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