Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Call to Arms for Private Colleges

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I believe it is wrong for government to go to this depth of interference.

There is no doubt that society had changed. There are jobs that need better education. However, the solution do not need to be higher education per se. A better trained high school graduates could be of help.

Even with higher education, 4 year of traditional college may not be the must - just look at highly motivated Bill Gates, Michael Dell or Jerry Yang.

For a society as a whole, we need to understand that not everyone need to attend traditional colleges. A organization that can provide needed knowledge and skill is what is counted.

The price will come down if we can level the playing field and allow more ways for students to gain knowledge, certificates and jobs. We shall give institutions freedom in operating the organization but insist on objective measure of their graduates. If an institution can produce good graduates that meet employers' need why do you care how they achieving it.

The problem these days is that people insist that the only way to produce good graduates is to go through institutions that operated in the traditional way. This way of thinking killed all possibility of running higher Ed in other possible cost saving ways.

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