Friday, July 06, 2007

New Standard for Getting In

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Well. I hope this is not The standard. For one, we have to realize that not all people are out-going or team-player. I am not so sure people like Einstein, Schroedinger or some of my professor at school will get good recommendations. I don't know if play-nice a major factor in graduate school. Or maybe it more important to look at their subject matter.

It seems to me that in these days, the team player is emphasized in all job area. However, given that the research is a hard work and, a lot of time, a lonely work. This kind of rating may not come as easy and relative to the graduate work.

People are talking about diversity, shouldn't this include personality? Wouldn't this index biased to certain personality? I suppose not all genius are lonely but I would certainly think some of them are. Should we deprive their chances of contribute to human science journal? I don't think so.

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