Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Continue to graduate school

A Description of 1992-93 Bachelor's Degree Recipients 10 Years Later

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40% of Bacheler enroll at Graduate School.
25% complete in 10 year
9.4% left without degree
  • Higher percentage of hispanic and black enrolled in Graduate School - these are those best in their race and are more motivated.
  • Asian still completed with higher rate (culture, family support??)
  • Counting completed and still enroll, Hispanic and Black still come up in top
  • Women enroll more but also left-without-degree more
  • The younger the likely they will enroll and complete and sustain. All age have similar left-without-degree rate
  • Natural Science, Education and social science have least of 49% going rate and completion rate. Natural science have low sustaining rate and education have highest left-without-degree rate.
  • The sooner they enroll, the more success they will.
  • Private graduates are more likely to enroll and success (more resource in supporting them?)
  • Full time jobber are less likely to enroll but with higher successful rate ( less study time or more job restiction, stable, more resources? )

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